Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gorham X Factor

Over the weekend we were short a person on a paper machine with an important order in the queue. Jon jumped on the crew, worked a 12 hour shift over night then headed to his office at 7 am the next day to arrange fiber deliveries for his "official" job.

Jonathan Poulin

Two large packaging converters had same day deadlines for large national fast food chains. Order by order, Ann re-worked the schedule to accommodate both deadlines.

Ann White
Demand Planning

Anticipating a tight turnaround, the shipping group had trucks in the dock waiting for an order heading to Arizona. Gene had the team palletizing finished rolls and loading the truck as the order literally came off the machine. The last roll was made at 1 pm and the truck left by 2 pm.

Gene Marois

We are not your typical paper company
. We ask questions first, then talk about capability. We know how to make just about every kind of paper. Marrying customer collaboration with innovation.

Our machine flexibility and technical experience give us an edge. Our scale and streamlined organizational structure gives us the flexibility to make decisions quickly and be more responsive.

Whether it is providing pricing information, arranging trucks or working side by side on designing a specialty paper.... we move fast.  

Give us a call, and
let us customize a paper for you.

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