Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Environment & Community

Responsible environmental stewards

Although our ownership has changed of the years, our commitment to our environmental footprint remains steadfast. The White Mountains of New Hampshire are where we work, live and play.  We have a strong record of environmental performance, and do everything we can to ensure we operate with a mindset of stewardship and sustainability. 

Recent Highlights include:

  • $5.6 capital investment to install pipelines to replace fossil fuel with natural and landfill gas
  • Significant GHG reductions

    43% reduction in GHG due to natural gas conversion
    20% reduction in GHG due to use of landfill gas

  • 97% carbon-neutral hydro power harnessed from 6 local units

Environmental Overview:


Blend of hardwood, softwood & recycled fiber
Elemental Chlorine-Free
50-70% sourced from Old Town Fuel and Fiber


Electricity: 97% Hydropower
Steam: 100% Natural Gas & Methane


Up to 100% Post-Consumer Waste

 Chain- of- Custody Fiber  Certification



100% compliant in air and water (2012)

 Heat Recovery

Process integration captures hot air and reuses it to heat process water


Re-direct mill generated office waste and cardboard into pulp stream

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