Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Engineered papers built for technical applications

Product development is in the DNA of Helix. Absorbency, flame retardant, extreme strength, light fastness, twist ability and wet strength highlight the grade’s depth of functional properties and potential to tackle complex specialty applications.

With an operation centered on flexibility, our depth of capability leads the industry. We look for opportunities to co-develop new papers for highly technical, niche applications. Helix delivers exceptional product quality, access to our extensive network of R&D resources and the assurance that you will work side-by-side with us to customize your paper.



• Portfolio of technical capability that drives product innovation

• “Fit-for-use” approach that prevents over engineering

• Focus on specialty niche applications

• Breadth of product

       • Basis weights 18-133 lb./30 - 215 gsm

       • Furnish: bleached, natural or colors

       • Chain of custody fiber certification

• Environment: PCW content (up to 100%)

• Access to extensive network of R&D resources

• Emphasis on customer collaboration and product design

• Low machine minimums

• Rapid commercialization process

• Innovation legacy as a specialty mill








Helix WS

Wet Strength

18-133 lb.
30-215 gsm

24 x 36

Up to 25% WS

Maps, signs ONS


Helix Stick


18-60 lb.
30-98 gsm

24 x 36

FDA Compliant

Sticks for food, candy

& personal care

Helix FR

Flame Retardant

45-99 lb.
75-160 gsm

24 x 36

White & Colors

Up to 25% WS

Industrial products

Helix Target


45-133 lb.
75-215 gsm

24 x 36

White & Colors

Target paper

Helix Archive

Light Fastness

24-133 lb.
38-215 gsm

24 x 36

White & Colors

Archived documents

picture frame mats

Helix Corrugated

Surface Compatibility

20-90 lb.
32-145 gsm

24 x 36

White, Natural

& Custom Colors

Specialty boxes

Helix Coaster


120 lb.
195 gsm

24 x 36

Up to 25% WS

Drink coasters & air fresheners

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